Oral & IV
Lipid Therapies

How IV and Oral Lipid Therapy Treatments Work

Because Dr. Matzinger personally tailors treatments for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each patient, each treatment protocol is a little different. However, you can expect your experience to include the following:

Health Assessment and Consultation

Dr. Matzinger will meet with you to gather a thorough history of your health, including current health issues and your childhood and family’s health history.

Diagnostic Studies

Dr. Matzinger will facilitate any blood, saliva, urine, or other diagnostic tests and studies she deems necessary based on your health history and current conditions and concerns.

Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Matzinger will review your test results and create a customized treatment plan to address the root cause of your condition and optimize your health. Your treatment plan may include intravenous lipid treatments or orally administered lipids. However, it can include a combination of both.


Dr. Matzinger will carefully monitor your progress. Your health conditions may require additional follow-ups with Dr. Matzinger.

Benefits of IV and Oral Lipid Therapy

Healing your cellular membranes with IV and Oral Lipid Therapy may benefit you in any of the following ways: