3 Hidden Signs of Dementia Found in Men

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Dementia is a disease that most commonly affects the brains of men and women who are over the age of 65, but it can also affect younger individuals. The disease apparently affects men and women equally, and there is unfortunately no cure for dementia currently available. However, researchers have found that they key to offsetting the symptoms of dementia among men is detection. Here is a look at just 3 of the hidden signs of dementia in men so you can be informed, aware and prepared.

Active Dreaming

Studies have shown that middle-aged men who have a tendency to “act out” their dreams (REM Sleep Behavior Disorder) are more prone to dementia later in life. Some “active dreams” include the motion of driving, unlocking doors and other daily motions that are stored in our brains. It’s important to note that this type of “active dreaming” has not been shown to affect women as much as it does men.


Study groups have also found that men who have experienced hallucinations are more inclined to be diagnosed with dementia once they get older. Some experts believe that a hallucination is one of the biggest precursors for the development of the brain disease.

Memory Loss

You are probably already aware that Alzheimer’s disease is considered to be the leading cause of dementia. This is why men who frequently lose focus, forget things and misplace items should consider discussing memory loss treatments with their physicians before it gets any worse.

All in all, most of the early signs of dementia are similar among both men and women. The one symptom which seems to occur more often among men is active dreaming. If you are a man who experiences these realistic movements while asleep, you should notify your doctor right away so he or she can determine if you need further testing.

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