Semaglutide Weightloss Treatment

Effective Weight Loss Options: Balance Your Hormones, Weekly Semaglutide injections, b-12 shots, nutrition plans under the care of a medical Doctor

Because Dr. Matzinger personally tailors treatments for each patient’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being, each treatment protocol is unique, and no two treatments are alike. However, you can expect your experience to include the following:

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Comprehensive Health History

Dr. Matzinger will meet with you to gather a thorough history of your health, including current health issues and your childhood and family’s health history.

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Diagnostic Studies

Dr. Matzinger will facilitate any blood, saliva, urine, or other diagnostic tests and studies she deems necessary based on your health history and current conditions and concerns.

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Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Matzinger will review your test results and create a customized weightloss  treatment plan with Semaglutide to address the root cause and optimize your health.

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Frequent appointments will be required for Dr. Matzinger to administer the Semaglutide injections.

Common Comments Heard
From Patients Include the Following

“I just can’t stop eating”

“I have never been able to lose weight.”

“Menopause has caused me to gain extra weight”

“I just want to look like me again”

“No amount of diet and exercise has helped.”

Benefits of Semaglutide

How long does semaglutide injections take to work?

When it comes to weight loss, patience is a virtue – and semaglutide is no exception. Most people can expect to see weight loss results within 12 weeks of starting semaglutide injections, with clinical trials showing an average weight loss of 5-10% over a year.

While this might not seem like a rapid transformation, the gradual and steady progress can lead to long-lasting weight loss and improved overall body weight, which is essential for chronic weight management. Simple changes in diet can contribute to this progress, which will be easier than ever with the appetite suppression side effects of Semaglutide.

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