A body in good health is sufficient in vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, our once nutrient-rich soil now lacks many nourishing properties. In turn, the meat we eat fails to pass on many of these nutrients.

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The MIH Experience

Perfected by Dr. Matzinger herself, the MIH experience is created to each individual’s needs. Your treatments can include a customized diet & supplement plan, IV infusions, & an infrared sauna. Or it can include hydro colon cleanse, lipid therapy, & massages, or cupping. You and Dr. Matzinger will create your own customized wellness journey based on the results of your exams. Each method serves to treat and improve your overall health.

The Wellness Excursion

The Wellness Excursion offers individuals or groups a unique and luxurious experience to rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. These Excursions include meditation, spa treatments, a nutritional plan, and personal private consultation with Dr. Matzinger. Amidst the excitement of your everyday, these retreats provide a peaceful escape to focus on self-care and wellness.

The Global Academy

MIH Global Academy is for certified medical professionals looking for additional training for healthcare professionals in colon hydrotherapy and establishing a mentorship program to train other healthcare professionals in this healing method. Each medical treatment is customized to a patient’s needs, focusing on gut health and effective treatments. In addition, the membrane and metabolic approach is a unique method created by Dr. Matzinger herself. As a result, all treatments are different.

Harley's Story

Harley was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. At age 6, his seizure disorder (a result of Angelman Syndrome) spiraled out of control.  The conventional medications he was receiving for his seizures were no longer effective. The treating neurologist prescribed multiple medications, all of which had significant side effects, including losing his ability to walk, stand, or sit unassisted. Additional adverse reactions included diffuse skin rashes, inability to gain weight, and lethargy. Harley’s bodily functions were rapidly shutting down. Unwilling to give up, Dr. Matzinger searched diligently to restore her son’s health.  Dr. Matzinger kept her promise to Harley and found treatment protocols that included Lipid Therapies.  As a result of these therapies, Harley now lives a happy, active, joyful life.



A weakened or suppressed immune system can make you feel perpetually sick, battling illness, and run down. Dr. Matzinger specializes in innovative treatments refined to restore your body’s immunity to optimal strength and performance.

Gut Health

When the balance between “good” and “bad” intestinal flora isn’t optimal, our gastrointestinal tract can’t protect the body. As a result, the body can’t absorb important vitamins and minerals. Dr. Matzinger helps you create and maintain an optimal microbiome for optimal gut health, physical health, immunity, and more.

Brain Health

Memory loss, concussions, changes in mood, confusion, and difficulty finding the right words or completing normal tasks interrupt daily life. Dr. Matzinger uses her expertise and powerful brain-nourishing tools to customize a treatment plan to improve your brain heath.


Aging moves beyond the obvious loss of youth. Utilizing an array of the latest therapies and scientific research, Dr. Matzinger knows how to slow the signs of aging, helping you look and feel your best at any age.


Built-up toxins obstruct your immune defense. Toxins can damage DNA, increase the rate of degeneration, and lead to disease. Dr. Matzinger assists the body in purging toxins and making room for new, healthy cells.

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