IV Vitamins
& Mineral Infusions

IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusion Treatments

This mode of nutrient delivery begins optimizing the function of your cells from the first treatment. However, other patients require regular Infusions indefinitely to control their medical conditions.

Specialty IV's


Myers Cocktail

Designed by the late Dr. John Meyer, MD, this “cocktail” of vitamins boosts immunity, improves your energy level, and reduces the symptoms of seasonal allergies. It includes Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, B Vitamins, and more.



This infusion helps combat many opportunistic conditions caused by a weakened immune system. Dr. Matzinger customizes the amount of Ascorbic Acid based on your lab results and the conditions you are experiencing.

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Las Vegas Summer is brutal! Our Hydration IV will replenish your system with additional hydration and electrolytes in under an hour, allowing you to return to work the same day.

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Boom! High Energy

Our Boom! High Energy infusion replenishes fluid loss, corrects electrolyte imbalances, increases athletic performance and endurance, decreases recovery time after workouts, and helps burn unwanted body fat. A favorite of athletes, this infusion empowers you to perform at your peak, whether in the office, court, or field.

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Weight Loss Support

Whether you want to jump-start your new, healthy lifestyle or have plateaued and need a way to keep burning unwanted fat, weight loss has become easier! (Infusion is offered in a 3-infusion package that includes three Medical Lipid Colon Cleanses.

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This comprehensive mixture includes the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients essential to looking and feeling younger than the age on your driver’s license. (Infusion is offered in a 3-infusion package that includes three Medical Lipid Colon Cleanses.