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MIH Global Academy

Customized Training for Individualized Treatment

MIH Global Academy aims to offer certification training to healthcare professionals in colon hydrotherapy and establish a mentorship program to train other healthcare professionals in this healing modality. Their approach involves customizing medical treatments to each patient’s specific needs, focusing on improving gut health and providing effective treatments. Dr. Matzinger created a distinct membrane and metabolic approach, which sets their methodology apart. Consequently, each treatment is tailored to the individual, and no two treatments are alike.

Dr. Matzinger

I stepped outside of conventional medicine and learned about functional anti-aging medicine. My approach to medicine is that I get to the root cause… It’s a marriage of the two: conventional medicine and functional medicine.

– Dr. Carolyn Matzinger, MD

Focusing on Root Cause at the Cellular Level

Enhance Your Medical Expertise with the Matzinger Method

The Matzinger method will support and enhance your current medical knowledge. The training you receive will encourage you to focus on the root cause of the problem. You will heal your patients by focusing on the cellular level of medicine—the root cause of the issue.

Dr. Matzinger has created a successful treatment plan for thousands of patients. Her approach has helped people with diabetes, cancer, trouble sleeping, gut health, hormonal imbalances, etc. Maintain your body like you maintain your vehicle, with regular maintenance.