5 Reasons To Boost Your Immunity with IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions

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By now, you’ve probably heard the amazing ways that IV Vitamin and Mineral infusions can boost your immunity. But, how does something like that fit into your daily life? When should you be using this increasingly popular therapy? Here are the 5 best times to get rapid immunity boosting IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions.


Before and After Surgery

Surgery can be among the most traumatic circumstances your body will ever encounter. Even less invasive procedures like colonoscopy and endoscopy can still cause disruption within your body and affect immunity. Preparing your immune system for the upcoming chaos can be tremendously helpful to your recovery, and IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions are ideal for strengthening your immune defense before surgery or any invasive medical procedure.

And, the same logic applies to after surgery, as well. During post-op recovery, our bodies are in a state of emergency that taxes the immune system beyond normal parameters. Even if you were smart and proactive enough to get IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions before your surgery or procedure, giving your body an immunity boost afterward can yield remarkable results in improving healing and recovery time.


Before and After Travel

While perhaps not as stressful as surgery, anyone who travels regularly can tell you just how stressful travel is to our bodies. Crowded airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs are all excellent environments for antigens to thrive and attack our immune defenses. Add to that the weakening of these immune defenses by fatigue and stress during long travel days, and you have all the necessary ingredients for illness to occur. IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions on either side of traveling can give you the immunity boost needed to get through your travels unscathed.


COVID-19 Prevention and Recovery

The global pandemic of 2020-2021 has taught everyone a lot about viruses and how they spread. Masks provide a level of protection, as do vigilant hand-washing and social distancing. But, perhaps the best line of defense against COVID-19, or any other virus, is by keeping your immune system strong. During the pandemic, many people have taken the proactive step to have regular IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions to help stave off this deadly coronavirus. Of course, these infusions boost your immunity to all kinds of antigens beyond COVID-19, so they are always a smart activity.

For those unfortunate enough to have been infected, the recovery process can be slow and challenging. This is another area where IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions can give a much-needed shot in the arm to your immune system, speeding recovery and helping to prevent long-term side-effects.


Cancer Treatments and Other Immunosuppressive Therapies

If you or someone you know is undergoing any kind of cancer treatment, then you are aware of the immunosuppressive side-effects that accompany most of them. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy wreaks havoc on the body due to their indiscriminate killing of bad and good cells alike. This makes these patients ideal candidates for the immune-boosting benefits of IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions and experts suggest a regular schedule of infusions whenever possible.


Before and After Athletic Training and Events

Athletic activities are great for overall health, but they can challenge our bodies and push us to our limits. Professional athletes have known about and benefitted from IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions for years. But recently, as more advanced performance technologies have been made available to the general public, everyday athletes and “weekend warriors” have begun to discover the regenerative benefits of IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions. Not only do these treatments boost immunity, they can also help to improve your body’s regenerative processes and recovery times. Name your sport or activity, from walking to weightlifting, IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions can be an immensely valuable training tool.


Your Life, Your Choice

These are just five of the many opportunities for IV Vitamins and Mineral Infusions to benefit you and your health. You know your lifestyle, schedule and daily routine better than anyone. Where else in your life can you see IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions making a difference in your life? Let Dr. Matzinger and her team at Matzinger Institute of Healing put their knowledge to work for you and be your trusted advisors. Call Dr. Matzinger and her team at MIH today for a free consultation and find out more about how IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions can help you.

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