Key Habits to Protect Your Brain and Outsmart Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s is one of the most devastating diseases that one can suffer. Not only can it tremendously affect the life of the diagnosed individual, but it can also be a great strain on family members. Because Alzheimer’s can often come on very slowly, it can be hard to detect before any measures can be taken to deal with it, which is why it is so important to develop habits that combat the development of the disease. If you’re concerned about Alzheimer’s or other cognitive diseases, here are a few habits to prevent Alzheimer’s, including lipid infusion therapy.


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Although many people tend to view them separately, your mind and your body have a very strong connection. Getting regular exercise not only keeps your body healthy, but it can also strengthen your mind and help to prevent Alzheimer’s. Regular exercise—about three times a week—protects your existing brain cells and promotes the development of entirely new ones. In fact, according to research by the world renowned Mayo Clinic, individuals who make exercise a part of their weekly routine were much more resistant to developing Alzheimer’s, even if they had a family history. If you want to prevent Alzheimer’s, it is important to keep moving.



The main cause of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases is the degeneration of brain cells, so slowing down this degeneration and strengthening these cells is one of the best ways to prevent Alzheimer’s. Intravenous lipid infusion therapy has been shown to stave off the deterioration of brain cells, and is a very effective treatment to protect the brain from disease. Employing IV lipid infusions help the brain cell’s membrane to balance its fatty acid content, which is crucial in keeping the cells from atrophying. In addition to Alzheimer’s, IV lipid infusion can also treat dementia, epilepsy and other cognitive disorders.


In the same way that you get exercise for your body to stave off Alzheimer’s, you can also exercise your brain. Using your brain in a variety of different ways strengthens your neural pathways and makes them much more resistant to developing Alzheimer’s. What’s great about brain exercise is that you can get it from a number of activities. You can read a book to learn something new. If you like puzzles, you can do a crossword every day. Even regularly socializing with friends is great brain exercise. The only important thing is to keep your brain working.


Anyone who has any knowledge of cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s knows how difficult it can be to deal with. Losing brain function can drastically diminish a person’s quality of life as well as prove a major disruption to their friends and family. These issues with cognitive impairments are one of the main reasons it’s important to develop habits that can fight off brain disease before it develops. If you’re interested in developing habits to prevent Alzheimer’s, including IV lipid infusion, then please schedule an appointment with Dr. Carolyn A. Matzinger at Matzinger Institute of Healing today.

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