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  • MIH Glucosamine Sulfate 750 mg Dietary Supplement 120 capsules

    Glucosamine Sulfate – 120 Capsules | MIH

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  • MIH DHEA 5, 5 mg Dietary Supplement 100 tablets

    DHEA 5 – 100 Tablets | MIH

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  • MIH Methyl B12 5000 Mcg dietary supplement

    Methyl B12 – 60 Capsules | MIH

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“Cūra” is a Latin word that can be translated to mean “care,” It is often used to describe the act of taking care of something or someone. In medical contexts, “cūra” is used to refer to the treatment or care of a patient. The term “cura personalis” is often used in education to describe the idea of caring for the whole person, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.